Credit Union Lending Systems Driving Auto Loans for the Gateway City

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Credit Union Lending Systems (CULS) has been the premier indirect lending solution for the St. Louis, Missouri, and surrounding area credit unions for almost 2 decades now. With credit union lending partners in Missouri, Illinois and Kansas, CULS has broadened its footprint over the last 2 decades through its dedication to fine tuning the member experience at the dealership. CULS has also bolstered its value proposition to their clients by expanding product offerings to motorcycles, boats, power-sports and other collateral based dealer financed products. Angie Anderson, President & CEO of CULS, has served the credit union industry for over 30 years and brings a wealth of CU and dealer knowledge to her position in leading the CUSO. In 2007, Angie elected to partner with Credit Union Acceptance Company, LLC (CUAC) and CU Alliance (CUA) to provide technology for the CUSO’s indirect lending program and their member car buying service. CUAC recently caught up with Angie to discuss their success and where their organization is heading. Anderson mentioned,

“I have been working with the majority of our credit union clients for almost 30 years now. I am passionate about this business and our team works incredibly hard to deliver the best products and services possible. The staff and I do an exceptional job at building and maintaining relationships with our valued credit unions and dealers. By partnering with CUAC, CULS was able to focus on improving these relationships, expanding our footprint and enhancing our product suite. Through economies of scale, CUAC and CUA provide the technology we need to do our jobs better.”

CUAC provides industry leading technology from DealerTrack® and RouteOne® that is integrated with credit union core processing systems. With all franchise auto dealerships in the U.S. using one of these two systems, it is imperative that credit unions participating in indirect lending take advantage of what dealers are looking for. “With more and more dealers becoming fully integrated with DealerTrack® and RouteOne® via their DMS, inventory control, CRM tools and digital contracting, it is crucial that CULS continues to take advantage of this technology. The days of dealers using 3RD party web-sites or add-on tools to conduct business are limited.”

Credit Union Lending Systems has built an incredible network with their lender and dealer partners; however, they plan to grow even more in their 20TH year and beyond. “We are very proud of what we have accomplished in the last 19 years. As we approach our 20TH year in business, we look to capitalize on our incredible relationships and harness the newest technology to make CULS our dealers’ number one source for credit union financing and an invaluable source for quality loans with our credit union partners.”

CUAC and CUA are very proud to be a small part of CULS’ success and will continue to do everything possible to increase their value proposition to both their credit union and dealer partners this year and for years to come. CUAC will be working closely with CULS, the other CUSOs they provide services for along with their credit unions across the country to make sure they are positioned to be at the forefront of indirect lending as the auto industry is poised to make some drastic changes over the next 3 – 5 years.

Credit Union Lending Systems Driving Auto Loans for the Gateway City

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