Expedition Credit Union Success Story


April 29, 2022
Vicky Kinsey, VP of Marketing

Expedition Credit Union (ExpCu) joined the CUAC indirect program in February 2019 bringing a diverse indirect lending experience to the program. CUAC’s reputation as the leader in the industry was pivotal in the final choice and will prove true as they have not only met but exceeded their overall lending objectives in 2019 and beyond.

When ExpCu first approached CUAC early in 2019, they were facing three major hurdles. The first was that they did not have a direct relationship with their dealers and had to rely on a “middleman” connection set up by their provider at the time. Owning and managing the relationships with the dealers in their network was imperative when selecting a new partner. The second and third challenges were the increasing overhead costs and the fact that the current system was not compatible with the new core system the credit union was about to implement. “We are extremely excited to partner with CUAC. They have proven themselves as a leader in the industry and have a tried-and-true program to help us meet our overall lending objectives in 2019 and beyond.” Said Paul R. Dammann, President & CEO of Expedition Credit union in February of 2019 when the partnership was announced.

CUAC’s APS platform has been instrumental in providing ExpCu with the ability to manage the dealer relationship they were lacking and seeking in 2019 and provided a seamless transition with their new core system. They have seen tremendous success not only meeting but exceeding their indirect lending goals year over year. Shortly after the implementation of the CUAC’s APS platform, ExpCu joined the Full-Service Program, broadening their lending portfolio and increasing their footprint into the Ohio and Indiana markets. “Our goals with CUAC were to increase our indirect lending capabilities, which we have! We knew they were a leader (nationally), and we love the opportunity to be able to get involved in different portfolio areas and keep our existing MN dealership business.” Said Shawn Lannier, VP of Lending for Expedition Credit Union. “The CUAC team is extremely responsive and easy to work with.”

Expedition CU is the first client of its type for CUAC. They utilize the Full Service and the APS platforms concurrently, allowing them to leverage resources and fully take advantage of new loan opportunities as well as expand their markets. “We knew Paul and Shawn for many years prior to our relationship on the indirect side. We are so happy they chose to partner with CUAC for their lending goals and we have really enjoyed working with them.” Said Kurt Howard, Chief Operating Officer of CU Alliance. “They are definitely a unique customer for us, and we will continue to work hard to earn that partnership.”

CUAC, with years of experience and best practices, has proven to be the leader in indirect and direct lending services for credit unions and CUSOs. Their collaborative approach and robust reports and analytics help their clients track their program in detail.

If you are interested in taking your credit union’s indirect program to the next level, please reach out to Kurt Howard at khoward@cuacuso.com or online at https://www.cuac.com/contact.

Expedition Credit Union Success Story

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