Is your current indirect lending provider delivering what they promised?

Campus Federal Siegen Lane branch rendering

By: Lizzy Mayers

Prior to joining the CUAC program, Campus Federal® partnered with a third-party provider to originate auto loans. The main challenge the credit union faced was the level of auto loans was below where it needed to be in order to successfully diversify their loan portfolio. It was clear their vendor could not deliver on the agreed-upon indirect auto loan volume they were promised at the beginning of the partnership.

When they set out to look for a new partner that could deliver on their promises, they had specific goals in mind. Campus Federal wanted a program that would improve their existing members’ auto loan experience, and expand their statewide market share in the auto loan space. CUAC’s experience in the market and reputation for delivering on its promises made the CUSO the obvious choice.

Since then, CUAC has been delivering on its promises. “The CUAC team is highly professional and understands our needs. Our representative, Paul Russo, has a great relationship with auto dealers in Louisiana. The culture and values of CUAC closely align with our own; we strive to be the trusted financial partner for every stage of our members’ lives,” said Jay Noel, Chief Lending Officer, Campus Federal Credit Union. “CUAC is a reliable and dependable partner of Campus Federal. We look forward to continuing to work together to expand our auto loan portfolio while providing excellent member experiences,” Noel continued.

As Kurt Howard, COO of CUAC, described, “Campus Federal Credit Union has been such a huge part of our success in the Louisiana market. Jay, Richard, and their lending team are very committed to the indirect program and are so great to work with. With over $180M in indirect loans on their books in the Louisiana market, it is clear we take a great deal of pride in the trust Campus Federal has placed in us to service their indirect needs. We greatly value our relationship, and will continue to do everything in our power to continue servicing their members throughout the state of Louisiana.”

Headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Campus Federal was established in 1934 by seven employees of Louisiana State University. They are a progressive financial organization providing flexible, competitive financial products coupled with quality member service while sustaining planned, diversified growth, which contributes to financial stability and sound financial performance. Today, Campus Federal serves more than 50,000 consumer and business members with ten locations throughout the state. Their newest location is set to open in early 2023 on Siegen Lane in Baton Rouge; it will be a full-service branch including their mortgage and business lending teams.

CUAC, with years of experience and best practices, has proven to be the leader in indirect and direct lending services for large and small credit unions. If you are interested in taking your credit union’s indirect program to the next level, please reach out to Kurt Howard at or online at

Is your current indirect lending provider delivering what they promised?

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