The Importance of Implementing a Responsible Indirect Lending Program

Indirect lending solutions for credit unions

By: Lizzy Mayers

April 2023

Credit unions are well-known for providing exceptional financial services to their members, including loans at competitive rates. However, credit unions can enhance their loan portfolio and revenue growth by adopting an indirect lending program. Indirect lending is a proven method that enables credit unions to expand their reach and improve the member experience.

Expanding Reach and Generating Revenue with Indirect Lending

By collaborating with dealerships, credit unions can offer auto loans to their members, which results in reaching a broader audience and eventually generating more revenue. The indirect lending program provided by CUAC offers a straightforward and efficient approach to implementing this strategy, making it accessible to credit unions of all sizes.

The Benefits of Indirect Lending for Credit Union Members

The advantages of indirect lending go beyond revenue growth, as it offers a more convenient way for members to obtain loans while shopping for a car, saving them time and hassle. Members appreciate the ease of getting a car loan while credit unions can build stronger relationships by providing valuable services that make their lives more comfortable.

Promoting Financial Inclusion with Indirect Lending

Moreover, the indirect lending program promotes financial inclusion by offering loans to individuals who might not have qualified through traditional underwriting methods. Credit unions can expand their reach to underserved communities, increasing financial access for all members, and fulfilling their mission of serving members by offering loans to those who most need it.

Diversifying Loan Portfolios and Improving Financial Stability with Indirect Lending

Implementing a responsible indirect lending program can also help credit unions diversify their loan portfolio, reduce risk, and improve overall financial stability. By partnering with dealerships, credit unions can offer a variety of loans, including new and used car loans, motorcycle loans, and RV loans, providing more stability for their members.

In conclusion, implementing a responsible indirect lending program can improve the reach, member experience, and financial inclusion of credit unions. CUAC’s indirect lending program provides expertise and scalable lending solutions, offering credit unions a way to compete more effectively. If your credit union is looking to improve its loan portfolio and reach more members, join the indirect lending movement, and get started with CUAC today. Please contact Kurt Howard at or visit

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The Importance of Implementing a Responsible Indirect Lending Program

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