Spotlight on Charitable Hearts at CUAC

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by Vickey Kinsey, Assistant VP of Marketing – CU Alliance

As a proud member of the CUA family, CUAC is a firm supporter of the COACH philosophy. Cooperative, Outstanding, Attitude, Charitable and Happy!

Since February is the month of love, CUAC wanted to recognize one of their staff members, Tiffany Williams, Vice President of Indirect Lending, for her dedication to the Charitable component of the COACH philosophy. For the past few years, Tiffany has traveled with her family to Haiti to work with children who have become orphans in this country due to devastating earthquakes & hurricane, poverty, corruption and crime. These circumstances have left an estimated one million children as orphans in Haiti. Tiffany and her family partner with Coreluv to spend a week doing work projects, playing games, teaching VBS and just sharing love with the children. Tiffany has said,

“Going to Haiti has transformed my life. To be able to give back and show love to these kids and this community is a small thing that I can do to enrich their lives.”

Tiffany recommends that everyone take the opportunity to stretch themselves by going on a mission or helping someone in need.

“If you have an opportunity to provide help to people in need, you will be blessed tenfold by doing so. I have gained far more than I could ever give!”

The CUA family thanks Tiffany for her charitable heart and also sharing that spirit every day in the work she does at CUAC.

Spotlight on Charitable Hearts at CUAC

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